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Re-targeted banner ads remind viewers about products they had earlier considered for purchase. But merely reminding viewers is effective only for low-value impulse purchases. For high-value products, the viewer needs to be given more information and persuaded to re-engage with the brand. Relona's video technology can persuade viewers across multiple views of a banner over different websites. Relona's ads can follow viewers across different domains, are compatible with IAB's SafeFrame technology, and are suitable for use in re-targeting systems.


Skipped In-Stream Videos

If users are given the option to skip an in-stream ad, then most users skip the ad. On the other hand, users dislike unskippable in-stream ads that are longer than 15 seconds. This presents a problem for brand advertisers — To communicate a complex message, the ad has to be long, but if the ad is long, it doesn't reach most users.

Relona's technology solves this problem. When an instream-ad is skipped, it jumps over to the right-column and continues to play as an in-banner-video from the point it was skipped.


Multi-Channel Compression for Crisp Text and Videos

Standard video compression algorithms make text and diagrams look fuzzy. The moving pictures might look great, but if the captions and the call-to-action look fuzzy, the ad will not perform well.

Relona's ad-format uses different compression algorithms for the text captions and a different algorithm for the video. So both text and pictures always look great.

Support for Mobile and Desktop

Relona has a proprietary video codec that runs on all major platforms, both desktop and mobile. Windows, Linux, Macintosh, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android tablets, and Android phones are supported. Since Relona's codec is implemented in pure javascript, it auto-plays on platforms such as Apple Safari where auto-play video is otherwise disallowed. In addition, Relona has a proprietary animation engine that is supported across all the major platforms — including those without Flash. The video codec and the animation engine are implemented in pure javascript with an overhead of less than 17K. No browser-plug-ins are required.


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